ANDI week 8: "i've got gumption, so do you"

Marcus decides to show it all off on hometowns since he's def not making it to the fantasy suite

JA: Tonight’s drinking game word: “open”

This was quite an emotional roller coaster tonight. Eric’s untimely death brought a heaviness to this episode that we rarely see on the Bachelor/ette. But first we have Nick’s hometown visit. I have to say, this was the home visit I was looking forward to most. We start right off with some eating. And boozing. With a beer named for them. And “polka” dancing. And ten siblings. I don’t really have much to say about Nick’s family other than Nick’s littlest sister being cute. But that girl had to be what, 7 years old? And Nick is 33? Whoa, Nick’s parents. That’s. A lot of fertility.

SA: And Nick is not mormon, is that correct? Man, that's a lot of kids. Did you notice how quickly Andi named the siblings in order when they tested her at the end? Nicely played, she must have been going over it in her head the whole visit. So, you all know Nick is my favorite and I just can't see after this episode how anyone could think he was faking this, or there for the wrong reason. I also think that all of our hearts might be headed for heartbreak because as we know from past seasons -- when they let you see give aways like a contestants saying things like, "I think I'm her favorite" or "I feel like she's the half of me that's been missing" it's usually not leading to a fairy tale ending. I hope that's not the case here but I know these producers and how they love to play with our emotions.

After Milwaukee, Andi travels a little bit to the southwest to confront the reality of being a farmer’s wife in Middle-of-Nowhere, Iowa. What kind of activities does Chris have planned? Oh. Just some plow driving.

Who is Andi kidding? She is such a city girl. “My family has a lake house in Alabama” means “we go glamping once a year.” Andi referencing her lake house in Alabama when confronted with the possibility of moving to Iowa was the LOL moment of this episode. Also, who are we kidding with this. Andi Dorfman is not a farmer's wife, no matter how much gumption she has.

When Chris said, “There’s an opportunity...to be a homemaker,” I winced a bit. Believe me; I’m not out to knock homemakers. Life’s all about everyone being able to make the choices they wanna make. But I wonder just how cool Andi (and her family) would be with her leaving the entire legal profession to milk cows. Andi is only 26 years old, so you know she’s still got a ton of law school loans. And yes, Chris’s mom seems quite happy and just fine with the choices she made. But her saying “I was born in town” is different from Andi, who would be actively giving something up to live on the farm.

Also, Chris clearly has no idea what he is asking of her, because after he saw her angry resting face in regards to the homemaker comment he then asked why she couldn't be a DA on his farm in Iowa. Um, Chris, do you see any gangs in the prairie? Because I don't.

What is Ghosts in the Graveyard? Is it weird that I’ve never played this game? Isn’t this called Hide-and-Seek? And how hard is it to find someone when they have a cameraman standing next to them with a giant light on his camera? My thoughts exactly.

I will say that I did like Chris's family a lot. They were engaging, funny and real. The cool family card trumps the middle of nowhere card when you know you're not gonna marry the dude anyway and that's how Chris managed to sneak into next week.

Ugh, Josh. When Josh said, “I’m excited to fall in love. I wanna get married at the end,” I thought he said “I wanna get married again.” And I almost had a heart attack thinking he’d just revealed some ex-wife.

I can’t put my finger on it. Something is not right with Josh. Something is really not right. As he was talking to Andi about his brother’s football hopes, I totally noticed the difference you pointed out before, Fia, between Andi’s “serious listening” face as opposed to her “you’re my future husband” face. There’s a discernible difference between those faces, especially in her mouth.

What is this Aaron business even about? Is the family using the show to promote Aaron in some weird way? Josh’s parents were like, “Oh, no, Andi, sweetheart. This family is a unit. And this unit will be watching Aaron’s football games. All of them. So how about you just not make any plans on aSunday...ever?” That really is all anyone in this family can seem to talk about. Did you hear the edge in Andi’s voice when she called Josh’s little sister the most mature one in the whole family?

The Josh hometown was incredibly weird, like the weirdest of the bunch. It made me think about Josh totally differently than I have all season and actually made me feel a little bad for him. I also did some research and though Josh was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers, he only played for their minor league team and then for their farm team. So while Josh was 'owned' by the MLB, he never actually played in it. After which it became apparent that his little brother was the better athlete and thusly should be the sole object of the family's attentions. Last week I would have said it was a bold face lie that he gave up sports for family and that was a way around saying he gave up sports because he just wasn't quite good enough. But seeing him with his family and the way they all fawn over his brother, I believe that what he said was true. When he wasn't going to make it himself, supporting his brother was the next best thing and frankly what was expected of him from his family. So I guess he was telling the truth, just spinning it slightly.

The other thing I noticed here is that Josh is a man who does what he's told. When Andi was talking to his mother and sister it was clear that they, like Andi, have strong personalities. Josh's sister even said that Andi and Josh would fight over how to spend their weekends I thought 1) okay, Andi loves to fight, that's all she and Josh have done all season and 2) these are fights she might be able to win if Josh is easily persuaded by the women in his life and she is promoted to the role of 'wife'.

The third thing that made me think we shouldn't be writing Josh off so quickly is how Andi talked about these problems. She said she was worried the family wasn't excited enough for Josh that he might be about to get engaged. And she said that if they do get married, their family will have to be the number one priority. She is both thinking of Josh's feelings and referring to the two of them as a unit. That is something I haven't heard her do with anyone else.

And then we have Marcus. The thing that has me worried from Jump Street is when Andi talks about “catching up” to Marcus’s feelings. That’s never good. Especially when she’s never said that about, um, Nick. Ever.

Nope, Marcus is dunzo. 

Watching Marcus reenact the striptease, despite his toned body, is kinda sad. Of course this gets Andi hot, but as we all know, hot ain’t love.

She's saying the same thing she said about him on night one - that he's hot. She literally doesn't have anything else to say.

Marcus’s family is nice. His mom is sweet. I just don’t think this is enough to keep him here. Before this week I would have said that Josh won’t make it to Fantasy Suites. After this week, though, you can almost hear the “but” in Andi’s voice when she says things like, “I would be lucky to be married to Marcus, and he would give me the world.”

I absolutely hate this segment with Eric’s death announcement. I hate everything about it. I understand why it’s necessary in this episode to show why the Rose Ceremony was so emotional. But I really really hate it. Watching the cameramen put their cameras down and join in the mourning was almost too much. Bachelor Nation is real, y’all. I just wish we could have seen Chris Harrison’s house under better circumstances.

This was so sad and horrible. I really hope that the camera being put down so we could watch everyone mourn naturally was not planned. But of course, it would have to have been. Sad. sad. sad.

As soon as Josh and Chris got the first two roses, Marcus had to know he was toast. I can’t see Andi in Iowa. This is Nick’s to lose.

Andi told Nick's sister Bella they have the best mental connection. We can all see that. These are the two who should be together. But I am worried Josh is a dark horse here on an emotional level. One thing's for sure - Chris is toast.

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