who's cuter? 

SA: Hey, guys. This is so late. Usually the fire under my ass to get these things up is mainly to hear what my beloved co-blogger thinks of any given episode. But, miracle or miracles, we watched the finale together! This means that I didn't have to wait under I got an email saying his notes were in a draft to hear all of those delightful quips and snarks. I was hearing them in REAL TIME. I'm not trying to make you all jealous, but it was pretty magical.

That said, we were having so much fun eating pizza, drinking rosé and giggling like school girls that neither one of us took notes. Whoops!

Here is my super condensed take on the events:

I get that they want to make for an exciting finale and that these shows are specifically edited to try and trick viewers. That said, this was too much of a trick for my taste. Part of the fun of watching the bachelor/ette is becoming invested in the love story. This season the editing did so much to convince us that Nick was the one, my enthusiasm for #shawnnkaitlyn was seriously lagging. That joy she radiated after pinning the final rose on her very own personal trainer? Where were those shots during the season? I want my money back.

Also, Nick. Poor Nick. What is it about him that makes women fall hard, but ultimately decide their eggs are not safe in his basket? This guy has now been the bachelorette's second choice two years in a row, add to that his broken engagement prior to going on this show and damn, dude is primed for a mental breakdown. Is there something seriously dark about Nick underneath all those prayer bracelets? Would love to get his ex-fiancé in a bar for a pow-wow.

So, that's all I've got. I will be watching (but not blogging) paradise. See you in January where we are all sure to fall even more in love with Ben H.